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·  Size – Floor Area in Sq. Ft.: 160,000 sq. ft.
·  Duration: 4 years from audit remaining an ongoing management client.
·  Project Description: Enrollment in Energy Solutions SmartControl; a performance based energy reduction service including real time monitoring and control of building energy systems. Measurement and continuous reporting of energy use and savings from Portfolio Manager Baseline data. Program emphasized savings without capital intensive measures along with high payback capital measures. A holistic approach involving upgrading and commissioning of HVAC and lighting controls with daily optimization. The baseline annual energy cost: $410,152 was being spent to power and heat the facility.

·   Middle School Pre-program Annual Energy Consumption:     188 KBTU per sq. ft.
·   Middle School Current Annual Energy Consumption:               140 KBTU per sq. ft.
·   Elementary School Pre-program Annual Energy Consumption:       178 KBTU per sq. ft.
·   Elementary School Current Annual Energy Consumption:               130 KBTU per sq. ft.
·   $200,000 performance fee required from over $500,000 in achieved savings.
·   Simple pay back: 6.5 years
·   Source Energy Use Reductions: 22%
·   Lighting and custom projects received government incentives of approximately $15,000.


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