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  • Size – Floor Area in Sq. Ft.: 380,000 sq. ft. 
  •  19 Story residential condominium tower
  •  Duration: 1 year from audit to completion of project
  •  Project Description: Upgraded hot water boilers, pumps, and fans to a high efficiency system. Installed high efficiency lighting systems including occupancy based temperature and lighting controls for apartments. Installed zone valves and automatic temperature controls to modulate unit fan coils. Replaced existing rooftop exhaust fans with high efficiency models containing variable frequency drives and enabling BMS ventilation system control.
  • The baseline annual energy cost: $532,000 was being spent to power and heat the facility.
  • Pre-program Annual Energy Consumption: 105 KBTU per sq. ft.
  • Current Annual Energy savings: 48 KBTU per sq. ft.
  •  Current Annual Savings: $263,000
  •  Amount Spent: $ 1,000,150
  • Source Energy Use Reductions: 46%
  • Amount of Government Incentives/Grants received: $240,000