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Industrial Services

GE Aviation Sepia
  •  Size – Floor Area in Sq. Ft.: 115,000 sq. ft.
  •  Duration: 2 Years from audit to completion of project
  •  Project Description: Upgrade the efficiency of HVAC systems, building management systems, the instillation of interior and exterior high efficiency lighting, the installation of lighting controls, and the repair of building wide pneumatic system. The baseline annual energy cost: $560,000 was being spent to power and heat the facility.
  •  Pre-program Annual Energy Consumption: 22 million KBTU
  •  Current Annual Energy savings: 4.5 million KBTU
  •  Current Annual Savings: $205,000
  •  Amount Spent: $1,320,000
  •  Simple pay back: 6.5 years
  •  Source Energy Use Reductions: 22%
  •  Amount of Government Incentives/Grants received: $270,000